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Besides it has good price and you dont need to apply a lot, just 4 times and you will smell good for over 12hrs. This was a recent blind buy for me and I am glad that I purchased it.

Xeryus Rogue has a very creamy wood, cactus and pimento cheese opening. Kind of like the good guy that knows how, and when, to be a bad boy.

***packaging*** Retro, stylish ***bottle*** love holding this in my hand. ***at first encounter*** initial note, smelled like soup and regret.

specially if you spray the same spot twice or 3 times.

This is the first oriental perfume for men by Givenchy.

Top notes are fresh and green thanks to kumquat, cactus and tarragon. Warm to hot spicy pimento and fresh green cactus makes the an experiment in opposites that I totally dig.

So happy givenchy are still making this beauty it's far better than anything they've released recently. Apparently a lot of women here wear this and call it unisex... I recommend applying 1-2 sprays then reapplying another 1-2 in a few hours. I had so many compliments for this one but I also had a couple of people telling me it is too offensive so I go easy on it.

Atomizer on my bottle is substandard and causes the scent to run on the skin.

Very versatile as it classy but has a fun, sexy, frivolous side as well.

Office, date, just-because - it works for any occasion. this one was in my wishlist for a few months.finally i realized i couldn't resist buying this bad ass.

Lol davidoff hot water are you joking it's nothing like davidoff hot water seriously that's just crazy. Cousin says i smell like an old paps Mom says i smell delicous sort of vanilla or caramel my gf says i smell like a real man should Friends says i smell sweats and fruits lol I say i smell rich and distinctive. If you want a perfume that makes you smell classy, sophisticated and a bit aloof this is the one for you.

The only thing they have in common is a red bottle. Thus Xeryus Rouge just does not fit her and she agrees. - you see now that this stuff you cannot explain or define?? not everyone will undertand this, oh and ridiculously weak dumb performance. But don't blind buy it because I think it doesn't suit everyone.

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