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He would become a prince after marrying Princess Jasmine, with whom he fell deeply in love with.Aladdin is based on the eponymous character of the Aladdin folk tales featured in the Middle Eastern and South Asian One Thousand and One Nights stories. Even then, Aladdin's background was one of struggle, prompting his father to leave Agrabah in hopes of finding a way to better provide for his family.Nevertheless, though he didn't mind stealing from the marketplace denizens, albeit forcibly so, Aladdin was, in no way, a selfish character.Not only were the thefts for survival, as mentioned before, Aladdin was never above sacrificing his food for the less fortunate of Agrabah, such as starving children.Despite his upbringing, at the start of the film, Aladdin was a generally optimistic, fun-loving, and charming character.

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While in his mid-teen years, he stole a vest, a pair of pants, and a fez from a clothes line, which would form his signature outfit.

This is an example of Aladdin's selflessness, which was showcased several times throughout the film, specifically for the sake of Jasmine, and most notably, during the finale, Genie.

This trait was also carried over to the further stories of the franchise, such as Return to Jafar, where the street rat is shown to commonly rob lairs of thieves, and donate the stolen jewels and riches to Agrabah's less fortunate citizens.

It was a vehicle where Stephen Colbert would basically, in a megalomaniacal way, bring his opinions to the fore of the issue of the day.

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