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The hydrography of the region is formed by several rivers and streams, where they are dumped every day human feces, waste of dairy and meat, justifying an analysis of mutagenicity, since they are sources of water supply of the above municipalities.

We adopted a decision tree approach, using land use maps derived from remote sensing data (PRODES and Terra Class) combined with socioeconomic data.The change is defined as any change in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), can be sudden and heritable, once occurred, is maintained and transmitted to daughter molecules in the structure of genetic material, and in most cases, can develop a number of problems detrimental, but to survival of the species, the mutation is also a source of genetic variability of living beings, due to structural changes in the genetic material [4].Mutations can be observed through the formation of micronuclei that are small bodies containing (DNA), located in the cytoplasm, manifested in cell division, with results of chromosome breaks, forming acentric fragments, or sequences of whole chromosomes that are not linked to the spindle mitotic and thus do not reach the cell poles during mitosis or meiosis [5].A whole chromosome or acentric chromosomal fragment does not if integrate to new core; this can also constitute a small individual core, called the micronucleus [6-7], (Figure 1).The micronucleus test detects mutagenesis in eukaryotic organisms of type clastogenicity, aneugênese and damage to the mitotic spindle.

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