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Unless you’re in Vegas, most people walk to the altar thinking they know their true love well. King Edward IV is remembered for many things but for mostly his role in the Wars of the Roses. But there have been many theories that allege that he secretly married another woman before his secret marriage to Woodville.

But there have been countless stories of people finding out that their loved ones aren’t who they thought they were. Historian John Ashdown-Hill was researching King Richard III in the 1990s when he came upon Edward IV’s bigamy.

The sisters later appeared on Mischele Lewis met an Englishman named Liam Allen who was apparently stationed in the US while working for the Ministry of Defense. Mischele got pregnant, and she accepted Liam’s marriage proposal.

But when Mischele looked into his wallet, she was shocked by what she found.

The marriage was acknowledged in an act of parliament in 1484.During his trial in Canberra in 2014, the court learned that he became a priest after he moved to Australia.He performed several weddings as part of the Liberal Catholic Church, which does not enforce celibacy.Imagine the shock of finding out that your significant other is not only unfaithful but has been living a double life.To make matters worse, they have a different name, a second wife, kids, a house, and a pet dog that you never knew about. The following shows that not everyone takes their marriage vows to heart.

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