Intp forum dating sites male female roles in dating

Eyeballing the graph, it looks like being a woman gives you about a 1% advantage.I don’t see any discussion of this result, even though it’s half the study, and as far as I can tell the more statistically significant half.Once again, it’s hard to tell by graph-eyeballing whether these two numbers are within each other’s confidence intervals.

Since it’s showing up here, you probably already guessed how this is going to end.

And suppose that the best people of all genders go to work at corporations, but a bigger percent of men go there than women.

Then being non-gendered would be a higher sign of quality in a man than in a woman.

Eyeballing it, it looks about 2/3 the size of the female effect, and maybe? The study has no hypothesis for why both sexes have fewer requests approved when their gender is known, without which it seems kind of hard to speculate about the significance of the phenomenon for one gender in particular.

For example, suppose that the reason revealing gender decreases acceptance rates is because corporate contributors tend to use their (gendered) real names and non-corporate contributors tend to use handles like 133T_HAXX0R.

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