Itunes updating library crash

i Tunes has been working fine on my widows eight OS.Till I added videos to my library, initially it worked fine.If you remove the ability to connect to those services, you can see if those features have issues that need to be resolved.Visit the Microsoft website to learn how to create new user accounts for Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.I was keeping my music specifically on another disc and have now moved the collection onto my...

If you don't experience the same issue, continue to User-specific issues.I also still have a Zune HD, which I wasn't planning on replacing, which doesn't play FLAC.To this end I'd keep a MP3 copy of the flac collection for Zune to sync to the...If the issue only happens in one particular user account: Create a new i Tunes library to see if the issue occurs in a new library.If using a new i Tunes library resolves the issue, try to restore an older copy of your i Tunes library.

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