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He left Israel and came to California for his education and degree, married a Jewish girl from New York, stayed a federal bureaucrat a lifetime.

"I would have been in the corner with a drool cup," said Baragona of the Simpson courtroom.

Everyone is watching the lawyer with the large dark eyes, drawn by her black skirt, which is pleated and swings, a strange thing in a courtroom of papers and suits.

Even in a murder trial that is part melodrama, part circus, part tragedy and all spectacle, Marcia Clark is an aberration -- so hard to type, so vexingly original.

Her mother, who answered the door at a gray ranch house in Encino, said, "I have no interest in giving you any information. Even in her junior high years, Marcia Clark had the confidence, the Isadora Duncan brio, that the tender nerdly girls so badly wanted. "When she deigned to speak to me I was usually flabbergasted." In drama club, Devlin played the ingenues in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" and "Sabrina Fair." Marcia had other roles. She didn't have a lot of time to formulate close relationships. She was very cautious about getting involved in relationships, male or female. I felt that about her." The Men There have been, basically, three men in her life.

She was an early smoker, the first with eye makeup. She wore dangling earrings, hip-huggers and clogs, her long brown hair straight, parted in the middle. "At 14, I was not a sophisticated lady," Devlin said. There were husbands from two marriages, both over, and a brother. He assumed a Rhett Butlerish role as a professional backgammon player, teaching celebrities and gambling.

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