Nonsexual chatrooms

Cybersex objectifies participants and reduces them to body parts.

Real-life sex with a committed partner can evolve into an intimacy that is very different than sex with an image on a screen.

There is no shame in checking these out to see if they are a fit for you. Whether or not your partner is indeed engaging in sexually addictive behavior, your relationship is clearly in trouble.

No wonder it is so difficult for women to come forth and admit they have a problem.Think seriously about how your life would change if your spouse saw you engaged in these secret sexual behaviors – or better, run that by a friend –that will likely answer your question quickly.Q: I am a married woman and my time online is mostly spent in sex and romance chats.Q: My wife caught me several months ago in online cybersex/romantic chats and porn viewing.Although I’ve gotten help for my problem and have not acted out sexually since that time, she continues to be distant, critical, angry, and mistrustful.

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    But despite the potential risks, two experts in the field say there is no need to shy away from online dating as long as precautions are taken.