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Whether it only brings up half of the results or stops working completely, you’ll come to the point where these two Outlook 2010 search problems may happen to you. Here’s what to do when you are having search problems with Outlook 2010: There are a couple of reasons why the Outlook 2010 search function may not be working.

You’ll experience problems even in more recent versions of Outlook.

This can cause a perceived smaller font if the zoom is set to less than 100%.

For example, if the zoom is set at 75%, the font of newly composed (or reply/forward) appears to be smaller, compared to the reading pane or an open received message (not in composing mode). Please check your zoom settings if you run into this issue and adjust as appropriate.

Search for with your desktop search tool, and then run it.

If after this process you find that your Outlook 2010 search function is still not working, then rebuilding the index is the obvious next step.

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