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D's moniker - earlier this month, it seemed even more likely the masterful trio (made up of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley) were making a comeback. D 👀 QNa VHG0Ep— Rihanna News (@Team Of Rihanna) October 31, 2017N. Watch Rihanna shave a girl's head before she disappears and said girl prances around for three minutes covered in glitter. D.'s comeback single is called 'Lemon' and is all-kinds of 'She Wants To Move' catchy.In October 2013, Lasichanh married Pharrell Williams in Miami on a yacht.

She’s not afraid to tower over her man at awards shows in 4-inch stilettos.

Pharrell Williams might rock The Hat, but his gorgeous wife, Helen Lasichanh, wears The Pants.

From jeans to knickerbockers to jumpsuits, Lasichanh borrows her favorite looks from the boys.

She has worn the influential French label to more than 10 events, and the couple frequently coordinate their outfits. “One minute they look like a teenager skate couple on the way to the mall, and the next minute they look like adult best friends, all dolled up at the Met Gala,” says Harris.

“Sometimes they look like hipster pilgrims,” says Isoul Harris, editor-in-chief of Uptown magazine. ” When she’s off-duty, Lasichanh works a tomboy vibe in skinny jeans or leggings, hoodies (usually Pharrell’s brand, Billionaire Girls Club) and Uggs, Dr.

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