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Paradox Interactive announces Stellaris Apocalypse, a new expansion for Stellaris expected to launch for the space exploration game early this year.This will add Space Marauders, Planetary Destruction Weapons (I have a bad feeling about this), and presumably the apocalypse, and they offer a look at what to expect in this trailer.Here's the announcement: Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that were bound to get us all killed eventually, today announced the newest full expansion coming to Stellaris, the sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.The expansion, which bears the hope-inspiring title Apocalypse, will bring new levels of warfare and destruction to the galactic exploration and discovery game, and will add many new ways to extend ones galactic dominion including the ability to destroy entire enemy planets.Alongside a host of free updates coming to Stellaris, the new Apocalypse DLC will include: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment makes the predicted announcement that DARK SOULS: REMASTERED will come to PCs on May 25th when it's released for Switch and other consoles.Sadly, the eschewed the chance to call this the Prepare to Die Again Edition, but maybe that's not a universal perspective.

Here are the details including word on when to expect more information: Following the resounding success of over a million units of FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE shipped last year for the Play Station4 computer entertainment system, SQUARE ENIX announced that players can visit the wondrous world of Ivalice on PC beginning February 1.Developed by From Software Inc., DARK SOULS: REMASTERED enables players to explore the twisted ancient land of Lordran in the first title of the critically acclaimed action role-playing series like never before.Experience the rich world of DARK SOULS in Dynamic 4K resolution when playing on a Play Station 4 Pro system, Xbox One X, and STEAM.Honor Like ranked, Honor resets with the season start as well.Honor level 3, 4, and 5 players get a scaling head start, and you can learn all the details over here.

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