Seo dating

When you decide to index Profile pages, ensure the following points: – Create a unique Meta title & description for each member page for example; Title: Now for Free!– Make sure profile pages have enough content; you might think about creating a new member group for those members who filled all the sections and have written at least 200 words about themselves, and letting Google index only those profile pages.You will need to speak to your web developer for this.You probably have tons of keywords you want to rank for and you cannot target all these keywords just at the homepage.Search engine optimization has become much more challenging recently after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates.In the past, it was all about getting thousands of backlinks to your site and repeating target keywords.Link building is a very challenging task for several dating sites, as it is not that easy to find sites which will naturally link to your site.Google is penalizing tons of sites every day for unnatural link building practices such as buying links, getting links from adult sites or very low quality sites, or link farms, excessive anchor text linking, etc.

– Get links only from good sites; sites to target for getting links should have a mix of Page Rank and should have Domain Authority of 20 (criteria), Trust Score of 15 (Majestic SEO criteria).It is accepted that it is easier to rank for long-tail keywords and they would have higher conversion rate.If you are targeting “disabled dating”, consider targeting keywords like “deaf people dating in the UK”, “deaf people dating in London”, etc.Therefore, we advise you to create unique pages about your diverse target keywords.Some points to consider: – Create content pages for group of keywords which are similar; don’t create keyword for each keyword.

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