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It seems extraordinary to us now, but it was no different to the way people put up high-maintenance, high-energy-consumption buildings in the cheap fuel optimism of the 1960s. Suddenly, fixtures and fittings were foolish, vainglorious and superstitious things.

The preaching of the Word and the creation of a National Church were the new things.

I assume that the cow was outside the church at the time.

At the time of the construction of our medieval churches, there was no reason to think that a day would come when there would no longer be a will to maintain them.Constable's work appears so safe to us today, it is hard to remember that it was considered controversial at the time.The genius of Constable himself was never recognised in England in his lifetime; it was the French who acclaimed him, and it was in Paris that his pictures caused a sensation.a West Bergholt; but it is away in Essex, on the other side of Colchester, and to most Suffolkers ours is simply Bergholt.It is, in fact, one of Suffolk's biggest villages, but doesn't appear so, because of the way it is separated out into hamlets and settlements.

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    Los primeros dinosaurios fueron bípedos, pero muchos grupos incluyeron especies cuadrúpedas, y algunos podían alternar los dos tipos de locomoción.

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