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They annoyed their roommates and the audience with their constant bickering and pointless conversations.They reportedly split in November 2011, but decided to appear, as many dysfunctional minor celebrities do, on VH1.However, the two proved their critics wrong at the reunion of that same season.Amber sported an “I ♥ Rob” t-shirt and before the votes were counted, Rob popped the question. You can check in with Boston Rob on RHAP to hear more of his reality love story and his thick-as-ever Bah-ston accent.The ship encounters an asteroid field and crashes on Earth killing all of the passengers except Cypher (who is wounded) and Kitai.These two must get to a tracking beacon 1000 kilometers away from where they land to be rescued.He agonized over the decision for a while and ultimately took his shot at love with Vikki, leaving Rikki the dominant twin who got her way for the entire competition wondering what went wrong.In a revealing interview with Buddy TV Rikki admits that she thought she had secured the win until the final date when Trevor took back his “I Love You.” “It kind of knocked me off my pedestal a little bit.

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4, 2010 in a blog post on the twins’ joint Myspace page titled, “ME and Trevor.” She wrote,“There were many reasons behind our break-up but I believe the biggest reason was Rikki and I both dated him and he picked me.” It is not my place to pass judgement on the couple.

I was way too confident with both Rebekah and Trevor and it kind of like, “why do I think I am so much more deserving than Vikki is? And for the first time I thought it was a fair game, because before I thought I was totally winning everything. According the interview, Rikki looking forward to getting to know Trevor as Vikki's boyfriend.

As for her own love life, she says she's taking some time to be single and learn about herself before she starts looking for love again.

They took their drama to season one of “Couples Therapy” but remain broken up today.

, the show about the questionably bi-sexual Ikki twins and their search for love. Based on the amount of tears shown in the finale preview it was pretty clear that both twins were going to pick the same person, leaving the decision in the hands of the winning contestant.

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